On the beach again

Coronado Island

Island (Photo credit: JohnRiv)

We left Mexico after mechanical problems with the plane. The pilot told us a similar thing had happened in Acapulco and the mechanic confirmed it. But taxiing to the runway, the pilot tested the engine and it did not work and he said he’d unload us. But he immediately tried again and said he’d seen this before and he was confident of flying. And, conveniently, the mechanic had already signed his logbook. So, at the hands of the potential-narcissistic-sociopath, we took off. Read airport novel American Dervish right through.

At D—, the immigration officer asked: You have a US visa? Yes. WHY?? Because I ..needed one. Only his job, only his job.

The next flight was serene. We slept in the hostel. The city looks new and modern. It’s small scale, flung out, the river choked up with willow, the university gardened with green grass, with repair patches of green dug in, and bordered by tropical flowers. We took the trolley to the border but didn’t have our passports.

This morning we woke earlier and took the bus to C—, on the beach again. We walked along the boulevard, between the sand and the big hotel, and sat down on a bench to read. Tanned and hatless families walked past, the children had sunbleached hair, but maybe I was looking for the Californian-looking ones.

Military jets flew from somewhere off the horizon and roared over the sand to land. I read the novel Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout. I said to my sister as she was getting up to walk, Do you ever think that there’s a lot of sadness in the world? She said Yes. But doesn’t it also make you feel sad as well? I said. Yes, she said putting her things into her bag, And I also need to pee so let’s go.

The sand along the water had golden flecks through it, and the little waves that lapped over the sand flat separated and sifted in streams fine black particles. Black and gold. The water mellowed me out. The sun and the air and the wave noise.

We went to another beach, and then back to the city to go on the computer, and cook and eat. But on the beach it’s kind of comforting by the waves.


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