Climbing faux mountains

Church and Great Pyramid, Cholula, 1948

Church and Great Pyramid, Cholula, 1948 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Free coco pops and my sister talked to me on Skype chat about obsession, which, she counsels, is ‘a problem’.

Then I walked to the bus station for a bus to C—. The pyramid looked like a natural hill with a church on top. I went alone into the tunnel, first straight ahead, then to the left and straight ahead, then to the right and straight ahead, and then to the left and outside. All along there were tunnels off to the sides, level or stairs up or down. I was nervous so went quickly.

Outside the ruins are visible only around the base. At one part there is a plaza of three altars, one of which was discovered broken in two pieces 40m apart, which the sign said suggested the site was destroyed when it was abandoned. Around there are market gardens.

There is also a smaller altar, built after the main pyramid was abandoned, on which the skulls of decapitated children were found, as offerings.

It was a hot day. I went up to the church and sat for a while. The church was built of the pyramid stones. On wikipedia it says the Catholic church prohibits certain strong fireworks from being exploded up there because they shake the pyramid’s tunnels.

I took a bus back, ate some kind of bread roll with over an inch of cheese and talked to a French lady in the hostel. I walked through the downtown, which after all is beautiful. I listened for a while to an orchestra in the main plaza, and had a soup and salad in a restaurant.

Back at the hostel a German girl gave me some tips on places to go in Oaxaca, and my Spanish roommate came and shared a bag of soft guavas with me, and I practiced my Spanish with her. She was telling me some complicated scenario of difficulties with her amigos.


4 thoughts on “Climbing faux mountains

  1. enroo says:

    It sounds like a lot of times you visit the church to sit for awhile. I wonder if it is just because it is hot and you have nothing to do, or you like going there.

    It reminds me of myself when I am travelling. Sometimes there is a lot of time to sit around and think.

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