Trade and drink


Fruit cup (Photo credit: George)

Still cold. Here if there is traffic, foot or car, then there is a stall or a person selling something. On Friday, the lady selling coffee and rolls from a fold-up table outside the Pemex had a crowd around her, likewise the man selling something from a big pot on a trolley by the bus stop downtown (corn?), likewise the gordita shop.

One of my classmates showed me the bus stop to go to the the shopping centre. Another classmate showed me a map with the bus routes marked, and said it was ‘an original’ when I asked where he’d got it. On the way I bought an iced roll from a man selling cakes out of the boot of his car. A popular small business is fruit stands with the stall holder at work carving up fruits. A lady was buying a tall cup of watermelon and pouring some red sauce over it from a squeezy bottle.

I looked at dresses, and in exhaustion t-shirts, but did not find suitable. I had a minor breakthrough with the mystery of bus routes when I discovered my route doubles around downtown. My yoga teacher said my Spanish had improved. We went jogging.

Yesterday we went to a winery and a beer tasting, and a Cuban dance bar. When we drove back from the winery the landscape was spread out wide and dove grey and grey green, the cactus and scrub, and hills, and the last sun lit layers of cloud. There was burning by the highway.

My Mum says my brother wore a new shirt, pants and a tie to the funeral, and they tied his hair back in a pony tail. I imagine him transformed as he carried the coffin. At the end everyone held hands and sang Auld Lang Syne, and only the immediate family went outside.


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