Breakfast, yoga, aqua aerobics, Mexico City

Yoga Class at a Gym

I am still at the aunt’s house and have been learning (by choice, because other options have been offered) the daily activities a woman of a certain social class may take up in Mexico City.

Yesterday I was lucky to be invited to a breakfast with a yoga class, and practiced English with some friendly, artistically dressed women. Topics of conversation that took place in English (for politeness towards my presence): eldest son will be happier if he finds someone to marry; grandma can only stay 1.5 hours as she cares for granddaughter full time; son is arriving home today from university in California, couldn’t be happier; science lecturer refers to a wise person’s idea that an army can take your material life but not your mind so you can always learn, the lady likes this idea very much.

The lady next to me translated the Christmas message of the only male present, a teacher wandering the table like an evangelist: If you think you can do something then you are right, if you don’t think you can do something, then you are right too. Ok, I thought, I can get through this breakfast. And he was right, and I had fun.

Next we went to a medical appointment and I read a book on art and psychology The Age of Insight by Eric R. Kandel the aunt had packed to keep me entertained, which seemed quite intellectual, and I was quite touched.

We came home for a rest, and then off again for a massage in a non-gated community. While I waited I talked to some little boys playing on the door step to the shop. I spend a lot of time communicating over a computer, I liked their outwards togetherness and companionship, that seems easy and everyday, not for special occasions. I said some of my Spanish words to them and they just laughed and played with a cat with one green eye and one blue eye, and then a girl in a neat school uniform led one of them away, and a lady tied a string around the cat’s neck.

Today we did a yoga class, laps of the pool, aqua-aerobics and had lunch. I slept for an hour being exhausted after all the exercise, and read some more of The Age of Insight.

In the Winter Happiness Summit, Stephanie Dowrick said, actually also in the voice of an evangelist, it seemed, and not verbatim quotes: We need to really learn to love this gift of life that belongs to each of us in a unique way. Until you say ‘thank you for this gift of life’, an epiphany comes at this point. You can keep other people safe from then on, you recognise the gift of life.

In the pool little drops of water fell on the surface, and little bubbles of water came up to the surface. The water resisted but held our movements. The ladies warmed up by making conga lines around the lane. One lady was wearing pink lipstick and another a sun hat.


5 thoughts on “Breakfast, yoga, aqua aerobics, Mexico City

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  2. enroo says:

    I’m curious about what your other options were. Have you enjoyed your time as a lady of leisure? Hve you been saying thankyou for this gift of life?

  3. Other options were staying at the house, really. I did enjoy it, but I think you have to take it seriously by taking on many activities and housework, and not lying on the bed all day looking online. To truly be able to say Thankyou for this gift of life, that is.

  4. enroo says:

    Yes, I suppose you are right- and also it would seem like a shame to waste the opportunity of experiencing being a lady of leisure in favour of lying on your bed. There is a certain art to being able to fill your day without work. Congratulations if you have managed successfully.

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