Viva la holiday on a holiday


Bouganvillia (Photo credit: rexb)

Change of scenery. We drove to my friend’s friend’s country house on Friday night and I’ve never seen anything like it. Five levels of garden up a hillside, four levels of house, a pool looking out to a valley marked by clusters of town light at different distances, the nearest town covered by a fog of light. There was wine in a jacuzzi.

The morning was brilliant with sun. The far side of the valley is the blue shape of a mountain. We ate on the patio by the pool. Everywhere is equipped with an ornament and furniture for every need. By the pool there are two rockers with footstools for reading, there is a tall table with stools for drinking, a long table for eating, a hammock, pool chairs. A lady came to give massages for 250 pesos for an hour in the pool house.

In the evening we went into a temazcal on the fourth level of garden, apparently an Aztec invention, which looks like a big pizza oven. We sit in our bathers and the gardener brings in red hot volcanic stones which we drip a herb tea over to make steam, like a sauna. When we are dripping sweat, we rub our bodies and hair with aloe vera, and have a cold shower outside to revive.

The gardener is a cheerful fellow who has rooms on the lower level and is saving to build a house for his girlfriend and their baby. The house will be ‘away a bit’ from the the town we can see down the hill, and ‘pretty big’, so I feel happy for him.

We went to the third level of garden to barbecue chicken, fish, chilies and shallots from the rooftop garden. One of my favourite plants here, bougainvillea hangs pink leaves over the stone wall.

Tonight I have some more hospitality at my friend’s aunt’s house in the city. I’m watching a movie with Jennifer Aniston dubbed with Spanish, which of course I don’t understand.

Right now I don’t know what I suppose. But I would like to think: nothing is for sure. Each moment is like a pixel of a plant adding it’s leaves in space, and who knows when a flower will open, how slowly, which shape, who will see it. And if we set out to be wrecked, then we set out to be wrecked.


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