Why write a travel blog when you could be having fun

Still Life (35mm) - Typewriter

Still Life (35mm) – Typewriter (Photo credit: flakeparadigm)

Before I went away friends or acquaintances often asked if I would write. Some knew I have writing aspirations, some didn’t. They suggested a travel blog. Well, of course I would write. I always do. For the last one and a half years I have written in a journal once a day, I also tinker about at poems and short stories at least once a week. But The Blog seemed to be a part of The Trip. So I started to casually suggest a blog myself when I got the writing question. ‘Maybe’ I added. ‘I might.’

But there’s the trouble that I’m secretive. I want to tell everyone about my life, but also I don’t. I want to say something quite intimate, and temper it by withholding something else. I want to tell the happy, mundane details of my itinerary, but I also think this is boring.

I am not attracted to the ephemeral nature of a blog. A part of me considers this high-output writing as disposable and undermines what I feel to be the sacredness of writing; how writing can speak the condition of the soul; how writing allows you to say exactly what you feel and believe. For me, the ideal to write ‘properly’ always requires some meditation whilst I write, and lots of time.

But as I mentioned in my previous post, I have been reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Ruben. One of Gretchen’s goals was to start a blog, and one piece of advice she received was to write in it everyday. I had thought *if* I started a blog, once a week would be good enough. But ok, everyday (at least during the week) is possible right now.

Seeing as I’m walking down a foot path or sleeping in a bed half way around the world, I want to understand the experience of travel, the compulsion to travel. And through writing, a process of thinking, I want to think about thinking about travel. I want to think about being a traveler as a metaphor for being a traveler through life.

So here are my reasons:

* I’m going a month-long hike and I don’t want to carry loads of notebooks

* The discipline of writing publicly each day is interesting

* I’m scared that I have nothing to say, so as long as my goal is simply to say something each day then it’s ok; some day something worthwhile might come out

* I miss writing and thinking about things in a disciplined way since my uni essay days are over

* If you are my friend or family, then I am keeping in touch with friends and family

* I think I enjoy it.

PS. I thought initially that I wanted to explore different styles of travel writing: my favourite Bill, the gourmet adventuress, the Eat, Pray, Love seeker. I’m not sure now. But I admit, this post is modeled on Gretchen Ruben‘s style of disclosure.


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